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Guaranteed Sale Program 

Sell your home without the stress of having TWO house payments!

Have you found your new home in the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City area and are ready to make the move? What happens if you don’t sell your current home in time? Can you afford double house payments? Skogman Realty’s Guaranteed Sale Program could be the perfect solution for you!


How it works:

Find the home you would like to purchase (with the help of your Skogman REALTOR®, of course!) And it can be any listing, not just a Skogman listing.

Your agent will write an offer on the home you want to buy with a contingency as follows: “Subject to the Buyer receiving an acceptable guarantee from Skogman Realty on my current home located at______________________________within 5 days after acceptance of the offer.”

A licensed appraiser will establish the fair market value of your home and Skogman Realty will provide you with a written purchase guarantee at a mutually agreed price in the event that it does not sell prior to the time you must close on the property you purchased.

If the guaranteed price is acceptable, you can continue with financing. If it’s not acceptable you could consider bridge financing or making the offer subject to the sale of your current residence.

If your home is sold and closed prior to the closing date of the property you purchased, then the guarantee on your property becomes null and void. If your home has not sold within 120 days of being listed with Skogman, Skogman will buy your house for the guaranteed price, giving you the ability to move into your new home!



What this means for you: 

  • No double house payments!  Which means no double utility payments and no holding costs!  
  • Peace of mind!  You are able to move forward with the purchase of your new home and make plans to move knowing you will have your existing home sold!
  • Ability to sell your home for more than the guaranteed price!  Just like you we want to sell your home for more than the guarantee and will have 120 days to make that happen!

Some restrictions apply.  Ask your Skogman Real Estate agent for complete details or request more information below.



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